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Oct 9, 2018

This week Laurence MacNaughton is back for a roundtable discussion on what it takes to make a good monster.

Mentioned in this episode:

A Monster in Paris (Movie)


Stephen King

CHRISTINE by Stephen King

FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley

Dexter Morgan thrillers (Book Series) by Jeff Lindsay

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Denver Comic Con (now Denver Pop Culture Con)

Alien (Movie)

Aliens (Movie)

Crowley from Supernatural (TV Show)

Sulley from Monsters Inc (Movie)

Shrek (Movie)

Stranger Things (TV Show)

H. P. Lovecraft

CALL OF CTHULHU by H. P. Lovecraft

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu (Board Game)

Arkham Horror (Board Game)

Jim Butcher

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Show)

Terry Pratchett

Hagrid from the Harry Potter book series by J. K. Rowling

Dodge Demon

NO SLEEP TILL DOOMSDAY by Laurence MacNaughton

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