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Apr 3, 2018

Today we're talking to Trai Cartwright, screenwriter and consultant. She has an amazing history and fantastic story insights, and we're delighted to bring her to you.

Mentioned in this episode:


Tisch Program


Prelude Pictures


Universal Studios

Newline Cinemas

Larimer Community College

Colorado Film School

University of Denver

Steven L. Sears

A-Team (TV Show)

Xena Warrior Princess (TV Show)


Beanduck Productions

LARPs The Series

Superstore (TV Show)

The Office (TV Show)



Susan Spann

Geek And Sundry

Felicia Day

The Flog (Web Series)

Are You Being Served (TV Show)

The Red Green Show (TV Show)

Home Improvement (TV Show)

MacGyver (TV Show)

MythBusters (TV Show)

Julie Cameron

Pikes Peak Writers

Jim Butcher

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Northern Colorado Writers

Castle Rock Writers

Women In Film And Media Colorado

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Denver Podcast Network

The Revisionists

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