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Dec 13, 2016

Travis Heermann joins us this week to talk about screenplays, writing for RPGs, and crowdfunding.

Mentioned on this episode:
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
THE RONIN TRILOGY (Book Series) by Travis Heermann
Exploding Kittens
SWORD OF THE RONIN by Travis Heermann
Amanda Palmer
Critiki Party Podcast
Mario Acevedo
Mile Hi Con
Jeanne C. Stein
Jim Pinto
DEATH WIND by Travis Heermann
The Matrix
Ann Randolph
Spiderman (Movie)
The Firefly RPG - Smuggler's Guide to the Rim
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition
The Illusionist's Daughter (D&D Supplement)
EVE Online
Gen Con
Monica Valentinelli
Margaret Weis
Firefly (Episode: Heart of Gold)