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Oct 30, 2018

Since it's the final Tuesday of October, we're going to talk about things we love about Halloween.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Game (Movie)

University of Northern Colorado (UNC)

Boondocks Food and Fun

Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride


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Oct 23, 2018

This week we're talking about media we consume when we're not feeling well, either emotionally or physically. Or both. Basically, comfort brain-food.

Mentioned in this episode:

New Girl (TV Show)

How I Met Your Mother (TV Show)

Parks and Recreation (TV Show)

The Great British Baking Show (TV Show)

Making It (TV...

Oct 16, 2018

This week, because we're excitable nerds, we're talking about Pokemon.

Mentioned in this episode:

Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Blue

Nintendo Gameboy/Nintendo Gameboy Color

Nintendo Pokemon Player's Guide

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Snap

Nintendo 64

Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Silver

Pokemon Yellow


Oct 9, 2018

This week Laurence MacNaughton is back for a roundtable discussion on what it takes to make a good monster.

Mentioned in this episode:

A Monster in Paris (Movie)


Stephen King

CHRISTINE by Stephen King

FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley

Dexter Morgan thrillers (Book Series) by Jeff Lindsay

Rocky Mountain Fiction...

Oct 2, 2018

This week we're speaking with Jeremy Whitley, writer of Princeless and Raven the Pirate Princess.

Mentioned in this episode:

PRINCELESS by Jeremy Whitley

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan

Emily Martin (Comic Artist)


Sea of Thieves (Video Game and Comic)


Titan Comics