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Oct 13, 2020

This week J. T. Evans joins us to talk about designing roleplaying games, with an emphasis on the mechanical portion of the creative process. Find out more about J. T. at, follow him on Twitter at and on Facebook a Also check out his roleplaying work at

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Mentioned in this episode:

Dave Robison

Patrick Hester

Dungeons and Dragons

FATE (Roleplaying System) created by Evil Hat Productions

Dresden Files RPG

Penny For Your Thoughts (Roleplaying Game)

Don't Rest Your Head (Roleplaying Game)

Cortex (Roleplaying System)

Margaret Weis Productions

Battlestar Galactica


Supernatural (TV Show)


GURPS (Roleplaying System)

White Wolf Publishing

Discworld (Book Series) by Terry Pratchett

Stephen Hawking

Pathfinder (Roleplaying System)

Choose Your Own Adventure

Forgotten Realms


Matthew J. Neagley

Phil Vecchione

Star Wars

Wizards of the Coast

THE WIZARD OF OZ by L. Frank Baum